It’s summer time… it’s Mizudashi time

No summer without a proper cold tea… Mizudashi is a very common tea in Japan, prepared with cold water. The mixture of a high quality Sencha and tea powder – Matcha – makes it a perfect isotonic drink. Due to its fresh and mild flavor it’s perfect for hot days and very easy to prepare.




All you need is a jar with good quality water, some ice cubes and a spoon. Put one Mizudashi tea bag in 700ml max. 1 litre and leave it for approx. 10 minutes. The best way is to take natural or slightly cool water (in very cold water the process takes much longer). Than take the spoon and squeeze the teabag (don’t worry, it won’t tear) to get out flavor and colour. 03 Deixe 10 minutos em infusão 04 Espreme bem a saqueta… 05 … para sair cor e sabor da saqueta   You can add ice cubes before serving, if you wish . 06 Adicione cubos de gelo para arrefescar o chá 07 Serve em copos de vidro Leave the tea bag in the water. The longer the tea stays in contact with the water, the more flavor will be extracted from the leaves… depending on your taste, you can add more water. 08 Pronto para apreciar nos dias quentes Enjoy 😉