Filtered water is good for your tea and body

To prepare a delicious and healthy tea, you need good water. Tap water is rarely appropriate because it contains chlorine, lime and many minerals, which can taint the flavour of the fine fragrances. It is, therefore, advisable to use filtered or bottled water in the preparation of all teas.




Reasons to use a water filter:

  1. We should all be concerned about the quality of our drinking water

Of course, there are legal regulations which set out the maximum permitted amounts of harmful substances in our drinking water but it will surprise you to know that the legal maximum for copper is 2 mg/l but the recommended maximum for small children is 0.1 mg/l.

  1. There should not be harmful substances in drinking water

Just because the law states there are maximum allowable amounts of minerals, drug residues and artificial substances does not mean we should not try to avoid them.

  1. Tap water is transported over long distances from the water company

We should be aware that the quality of tap water can be contaminated by long and/or old pipe networks .

  1. Filtering the water is greener than buying water

Buying mineral water is not only expensive but the bottles have to be transported and in some cases this could be over 2000 km in heavy vehicles.This is a burden on the environment and unfortunately is not a guarantee of good quality water.

  1. Filtering the water saves time, money and hassle

The recommended amount of fluid a day for an adult is two litres though this can vary depending on age and weight. To satisfy this need with bottled water not only involves considerable expense but also costs time in having to keep going to the supermarket to buy it. However, a house with 4 people in it with a water filter will save a considerable amount of money with a water filter, while enjoying fresh tasty water.

  1. Filtered water tastes simply better

People who appreciate the taste of quality tea and coffee realise how filtered water enhances the flavour of good quality beverages. It should also be noted that the flavour and natural colours of cooked vegetables remain for longer when cooked using filtered water. Even plants and domesticated animals thrive better on filtered water.


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