Drinking tea – a simple pleasure that makes such a difference

Drinking a cup of tea is a wonderful opportunity to relax and to let your mind and body recover from everything you were doing and thinking during the day. Even the act of making the tea can be relaxing, measuring out the tea, preparing the pot, waiting for the water to get to the correct temperature. It is best if you are in a quiet place with no distractions such as phones, books, newspapers or television. While drinking tea, it is important to concentrate on the experience and immerse yourself into it.




Observe the colour of the tea and the shape of the leaves, smell the aroma of the dry tea leaves and the aroma of the tea in the cup. Take the first sip slowly and taste and savour the flavours of the tea but do not rush the second sip, wait until the first sip has fully disappeared and you experience the feel of the tea inside you. Perhaps there are additional pleasures to be derived from the textures of the cup or the feeling of warmth into the hands.

Close the mind to external thoughts and sounds and savour the tea without distraction relax, silence the chatter and empty the clutter out of our everyday minds.