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Back home happy to see our tea plants

After a really long travel we arrived well back home in Porto. Of course I can’t wait long to see how is our little tea plantation a bit outside Porto. What I finally see theres, makes me very happy…

01 Imaginar cebe

The plants are healthy green and have grown a lot since I saw them. For the first time I start seeing how finally the plants will grow together two form a uniform hedge. As it has rained a lot the whole farm is looking really green. The recently planted lemon trees for our blend Sencha Limão, the flowers for the bees around the lemon trees and the roses for our blend Sencha Rosa are also looking good.

05 Limoeiro feliz 06 Rosa feliz

For lunch I have very aromatic wild strawberries, which grow all over in big quantities. It’s a pity, that it takes ages to pick a resonable quantity and that they don’t keep for long. But on the other hand, they show us how good life can be, when you live the moment.

04 Melhor almoço


Later we take care of the little plants, which have grown out of seeds, we have taken from our own tea plants in October. It’s real magic to see what can develop out of a small brown ball, called seed. All plants are now in an own big pot to develop until we plant them probably next year in the field. Good things take their time and everything connected to tea has to do with patience.

02 As mais pequenas