Morimoto Family – Miyazaki

Morimoto Miyazaki


The organic tea plantation of the Morimoto family is located in the southern-most island of the four main islands of Japan; near the city of Miyazaki, in the prefecture of the same name. The history of Morimoto green tea began when, about forty years ago, a young couple found a very small company with a tiny piece of land for tea planting. Over the years, the Morimoto’s acquired a huge amount of experience and a company size that grew in proportion. These days, they cultivate a total of 12 tea plots and also have their own facilities for tea processing. Generally, it is just the two of them who undertake the work, however, at harvest time, their two daughters, plus some friends, sometimes help out.


One of the many Morimoto family characteristics is that they grow a total of six different species of tea plants; among them various varieties of Yabukita green tea, Sae-Midori, Midori-Kanaya, Okumidori and also the hybrids Assamica and Benifuki. This diversity of species allows them to produce varied mixtures of green tea, each one having different tastes and nuances. Recently, they have introduced a different variety, which, possibly, within a few years, will be the basis of a completely new tea.


In addition, to having different flavours, various varieties of tea plants adds another advantage which is that they react differently to climate and insects. For example, if in one year, cold weather or insects damage a plot, it is most likely that the other plots, having different varieties, will not suffer any damage. By this means, they ensure that they get a good harvest each year in a natural, organic way. This diversity of tea plants reflects the concern the Morimoto’s have about the environment and with what they try to create as ecological balance in their plantations.