Early morning tea making by hand and travel to the North of Kyushu

When I got up, I find Dirk already picking tealeaves in front of the house. With great care he goes along the rows of the Yabukita tea bushes, which already where picked. Where something is left, he picks some of the fine Yabukita leaves and than some of the still small Okumidori leaves, which is a late variety. In the kitchen of the Morimotos we steam and dry the tealeaves with greatest care. The result is having a nice dark green colour and has a wonderful fresh nose.



When we finally have breakfast, Dirk prepares the rest of the tea he made yesterday. What a treat to drink such a freshly made tea by someone you love. Shigeru san pops in and drinking the tea results in a big satisfied smile again very impressed by the result of this unprofessional tea making. Than we pack our luggage and for three days we say good by to the Morimotos. After getting money changed in Miyazaki, we take the highway North to Kurokawa Onsen, the most famous area for Japanese hot baths on the Kyushu Island.


On the way to Kurokawa we already see an active volcano, which shows us why the Onsens are situated here. Coming closer to Kurokawa we enter a typical Japanese mountain and river landscape, getting nicer and nicer the closer we come to our Onsen, where first of all we get a green tea. After a really hot bath with view to the mountain landscape we have a wonderful Japanese dinner. One dish after the other is coming and surprises us with delicate flavours. In the end we open the tin with our today’s tea production and continue dreaming.