A tea produced from a special selection of stems and thin leaves of the first crop grown in the shade. Can be prepared in hot or cold water.


Shiraore is an exquisite tea, from the first harvest of the year (end of April) comprises the delicate shoots and thin stems (Kuki) from the Yabukita, Minami Sayaka and Okumidori varieties. This noble Kukicha derives its excellence from the separation of the raw tea leaves (Aracha), together with a selection of the finest leaves of  first flush Sencha. The Shiraore differs from conventional Kukicha due to the large number of shoots and smaller stems, which add a fine touch to this complex tea. It’s also possible to prepare the Shiraore with cold water for a refreshing summer drink.

 100g pack 

Tasting note: Green, complex with great finesse, with caffeine