Sencha Cold and Hot

A delicate green tea in practical triangular teabags, which can prepared in cold or warm water.


The Morimoto Sencha Cold and Hot comes in a triangular sachet and it is easy to prepare in any situation. This Sencha, produced by the Morimoto family, from their first harvest of the year, can be prepared in hot water (700ml / 70° C / 2 minutes infusion) or in cold water (place a sachet in a jar with a litre of still water and let it infuse for 10 minutes). In both instances, it is necessary to give it a good stir to release colour and flavour. The resulting infusion is a magnificent green colour with a pleasant sweetness and a very refreshing taste.

Supplied in 100g packs (20 sachets of 5g).

Tasting note: Refreshing green, delicate tea with a mild, natural sweetness. There is some caffeine when prepared in hot water but none when prepared in cold water.

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