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Arriving in Kyoto

After two long flights, we finally landed in Osaka. On the way to the train, Dirk buys us our first bottled green tea, which is a wonderful company on our 1 hour ride to Kyoto. It is morning in Japan, but late evening in Portugal… so we really need some tea 😉

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The one hour to Kyoto is just passing by as quickly as the landscape in front of the window. It is really nice to see, how Japanese plant vegetables wherever they can find even the smallest free plot in the cities.

In Kyoto we are exploring the Nishiki Food Market, which is wonderful for the eyes, but also for the nose. At one corner the smell of freshly roasted tea is attracting us. Looking at the freshly heated leaves, on the sign above I proudly discover the Kanji for steam, which I recently learned. From there it is easy to discover the whole word Fukamushi, which is used for the longer steamed teas we like in particular. As the leaves are smelling freshly green and have a wonderfully deep, deep green colour we buy a 100g package. Later we get also some Japanese spices… and then we get almost hopeless lost. We are so tired and suddenly everything is looking the same. We walk through the narrow streets of Kyoto and can`t find our hotel. Close giving up, Dirk rises his head and sees that we stand right in front of it. Yes, we definitely have to rest….