Arriving at Jeju Island

After a long journey we arrived well on Jeju Island. The South Korean Island is very close to Kyushu and also of volcanic origem. But unfortunately from Miyazaki we can’t go straight to Jeju Island. We have to take three flights and for approximately 400km areal distance, we take more than 12 hours. We arrive in the darkness of the night at the hotel, but in the morning the sun wakes us up.

03 Dirk Scooter 02 Dirk & Nina Scooter

As the island is bigger than we have imagined, we decide to rent a car or a motorcycle. As it is the Golden Week, the main holiday for Japanese and Korean people, it is not so easy to get something and we end up with a scooter. We start exploring the island, but instead of tea we find oranges, oranges and more oranges. They are planted all over and a lot of them are grown in green houses. The wonderful perfume of the orange flowers is with us almost the whole day. And we discover very delicate dried oranges and all kind of orange sweets.